New Home Plans – custom plans to suit your needs.

All new home plans commence with you bringing or sending your ideas to our office. Detailed drawings, sketches, written or verbal descriptions, even plans from a previous or existing structure are welcome. The root point of design always commences with an idea that you bring to us. The more information you might have, the better we can determine and facilitate your design goals and desires. In addition to your idea or visual image factors relating to the building’s function, unique features, energy value, square footage and overall budget and materials specifications need to be considered. The design and construction of a new home is a large task something that we are keen to deal with an aim (with our expertise), to guide our clients through each facet of the design stage to the actual construction of your new home. With direct communication from the beginning to end, we dedicate ourselves to making the process as streamlined and enlightening as possible so that the end product is the way you intended it to be. Our service is building your dream/vision. The following list is comprised of factors you need to consider when preparing for a preliminary drawing:

  • Floor plans, from a website, from a magazine, sketched drawing
  • Pictures from, websites, books, magazines, or a picture taken with your camera 
  • Site plan, from the city, or from a surveying company
  • How many bedrooms
  • How many bathrooms
  • Total square footage
  • Your initial budget

Additions and Renovations.

Additions are easily confused with renovations but they are actually separate types of building works. Below is a simple definition and example:

The addition is simply adding more area to an already existing structure, increasing the overall footprint.

A renovation is when interior walls, windows, doors or any other part of an already existing structure are moved. A renovation might also include adding or removing floors or roofs of existing structures.

When considering the renovation of an existing structure there are several key factors that should be addressed before carrying out any demolition or framing. Not every building is worth renovating unless there is a strong sentimental value to the structure. With some renovations there is just too much time and money that has to be put into a project that makes it no longer economically reasonable to move forward with a renovation; new constructions might be a more economical solution. A $350,000.00 renovation to a house that was built in 1935 is still a house that was built in 1935. A $350,000.00 custom house that will be built for you is a new house, with all of the energy saving devices of today.

Drafting Services

Here at YORK HOME DESIGN we have a wide range of uses for our Auto CAD, some of our clients need more than just an Architects idea for their building needs. We also specialize in Auto CAD template design for a wide range of commercial clients, and shop drawings for commercial clients.

  • Template design for sales staff, to better serve their clients.
  • Parts drawings for machine shops.
  • Cad drawings for website pictures.
  • Shop drawings for a multitude of business solutions.
  • Step by step isometric drawings, for assembly procedures.
  • Building evacuation drawings.
  • Building ledges for existing building floor plans, fire extinguisher, fire alarm, and door locations.
  • We can work on any project that you might think you would need a set of drawings for.

Shops & Garages

We do have a small template that we use for some small shops and garages, so that we can give you the best possible price for your new shop or garage. However you will still need a site plan of where you are going to locate this new shop or garage, and that is what you are usually paying for.

  • Single story garages.
  • Tall shops with a mezzanine, for added storage.
  • Shops to fit in that small space at the back of your property.
  • Custom shops to match the look of the existing surrounding building.
  • Coach house, carriage house, garage with living space in or above.

We realize that in some cases it is more feasible to build your garage first and use it as your home while you design and build your dream home. After your dream home has been constructed you can then turn your garage into its intended purpose, for storage of your vehicles and other important possessions.


There is a wide range of agricultural buildings. Most of the buildings for farms and agriculture are custom designs. We have designed and also built a wide range of Farm structures.

  • Large and small gambrel style barns
  • Chicken and pigeon barns.
  • Accessory storage buildings.
  • Bulb drying barns for flower growers.
  • Machinery storage, with storage above.
  • Single family residential houses that look like barns.

No matter what kind of structure you need on the farm I’m sure we will be able to design you a great set of plans to suit any and all of your needs.

Commercial Buildings

Commercial building improvements come in various stages. We have helped several customers with a wide variety of designs to suit their businesses needs.

Tenants improvements make take up the most common type of drawings that are produced in commercial area buildings. A tenant improvement is when a client leases or buys space in a strip mall, large mall, or office building, and is possibly making changes, or adding on to the existing building.

Important things to notice when doing a tenant improvement are what type of business is on each side of the existing unit. This will be key in figuring out what type of fire rating will be required, and what will have to be built on site, to satisfy the requirements of the B.C. Building Code and local By-laws.

A standard set of Plans will generally include

  • Site Plans
  • Foundation Plan.
  • Floor plan.
  • Details Page.
  • Typical Sections.
  • Elevations of the building.

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